Goodwin Apprentice Opportunities
Goodwin is a dynamic and profitable Engineering Group with worldwide external sales in excess of £100 million.

In conjunction with the Government's 'Employer Ownership Pilot Fund' the Group is proposing to create a new purpose built training school that will be the centre of excellence for 125 engineering apprentices over the next 5 years.
A radical new approach is needed to raise the skill level of the individual worker to the standard that we require for the future...
  • Be a part of a dynamic,global Engineering Group
  • A formal four year apprentice training programme including off the job tuition in our bespoke training centre
  • On the job training with placements at the seven Goodwin UK company sites
  • High level skills input from specialists within the Group
There is a significant skills shortage of high quality engineers in the UK.

The success of Goodwin is based on engineering excellence and we are keen to train more engineers to provide for future growth...

All the Trainees will go through a formal four year apprentice training programme including off the job tuition in our bespoke training centre.

The majority of the training will be in the form of one to one placements at the seven Goodwin UK company sites in Staffordshire, interspersed with weekly high level skills input from specialists withinthe Group.

The apprentice project is based around an on the job training concept, which enables us to ensure that the apprentices show interest in what they are learning and that the right work ethic and attitude is adopted from the very start.
Potential career roles include...
  • CNC Setter Operators & Programmers
  • Electrical / Electronic Maintenance Engineers
  • Mechanical Maintenance & Installation Engineers
  • Mechanical Fitters with Welding Capability
  • AutoCAD Solid Model Engineering Designers
  • Computer Network Engineers
  • Quality Assurance NDT Engineers
  • Computer Measuring Machine & Laser Inspection Engineers
  • Metallurgists
  • Technical Estimators
  • Sales Engineers
  • Production Controllers / Buyers
Goodwin Apprentice Opportunities
95% of apprentices trained with Goodwin stay on to build successful careers within the Group
We are now RECRUITING for SEPTEMBER 2018 intake.
To apply please send your CV to the HR Manager -
Goodwin Apprentice Leaflet PDFTo find out more about benefits of joining the Goodwin Apprentice Scheme please click the image on the right to download an information leaflet... Are you 16-18 years of age?
Enthusiastic to succeed?
Passionate about engineering?
Looking for a challenging career?

To apply for apprenticeship places,
please email your CV to...
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