Goodwin International would like to take the opportunity to thank its supply chain for their hard work and dedication towards helping Goodwin and our clients realise their ambitions in a variety of demanding applications, throughout the most demanding market sectors available.

Conformance to requirements, honesty, trust and integrity are fundamental parts of the relationships we encourage with our suppliers and customers. Not identifying mistakes or performing unplanned processes can lead to disastrous consequences on a global scale for the industry leaders we are working with.

This page provides the supplier with access to the Supplier Quality Manual and other documentation which may be required to fulfil your contract with Goodwin International. Within the supplier quality manual you will find all of the information required to communicate with your Goodwin International counterpart, what levels of quality assurance are required and which evidence needs to be created and submitted or retained dependent upon the component risk or complexity of the commodity supplied. As a supplier you will be fairly confident as to which supplier type you belong to and the request for quotation/order will highlight which QA Grade should be applied to guide your understanding of the requirements and for you to effectively account for the required deliverables. If training has not been provided in this baseline set of requirements, please contact your Goodwin purchasing representative for additional information.

Also included in this section are some example formats for Technical Queries and Problem Solving technique which may be used by suppliers for the submission of non-commercial queries and resolution of issues where applicable. These forms are not mandatory, should the supplier have their own templates which meet the basic content requirements, this is perfectly acceptable.