Our open communication practices and open and honest culture means that everyone is aware of their responsibility towards quality; it is that that is paramount to the company’s success. As an ISO9001 accredited organisation, we monitor all processes to control and maintain the quality of everything that we do. We promote a common goal of developing and maintaining an integrated total quality system through the engagement of continuous improvement. We periodically review our processes to control and monitor our business practices so that we are in line with our customer’s expectations.

We hold many customer approvals, maintaining and working to complex project specifications in additions to SABRe, AQAP, Defence Standards, GS3003 and GS3001. Our work is regularly within the confines of RCC-M and ASME codes. Goodwin adopts through life risk management at holistic, project and product levels and feed learning from experience (LFE) into each new project that we undertake. By learning from experience, we can recognise ways to continuously evolve our working practices to enrich these future projects.

We provide documentary evidence and lifetime quality records commensurate with the contractual requirements and market sector. Goodwin understands that the value of quality assurance and evidence of compliance is of a firm equal to the physical manufacture of a component in a highly regulated, technology and specification driven industry. It is quality assurance and control which sets Goodwin apart from its competitors