We have the expertise and facilities to engineer a wide range of products of the upmost quality and we have become synonymous with high standards of precision manufacturing. We have a highly sophisticated workshop with the latest in machine tools.

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We excel at large, complex, precision milling. We possess 100 tonne overhead crane lifting capacity to deal with even the largest components. Through sustained reinvestment back into the business over many years, we have built an extensive array of machinery that is unrivalled, consisting of modern, large, extremely high quality and accurate machine tools.


To complement our accomplished milling capability, we have invested considerably in our large, precision, vertical turning capability. This allows us to deliver the same high standards in both machining processes that our customers have come to expect. Our extensive machining facility is capable of completing complex components with very few set-ups.


Our smaller machine capability mirrors our large milling and turning capabilities, with the back up and support that some organisations can only aspire to. This allows customers to place single orders, rationalising your supply chain and reducing the hidden costs of managing supplier.


We have extensive experience in fabrication and welding, allowing us to provide a complete service to our customers. We supply the highest quality finished products in our ISO 3834 accredited welding facility, managed by our European and Internationally certified Technical Welding Manager.


We have over 2500 instruments, gauges and pieces of inspection equipment in our arsenal that are fully calibrated and traceable. Alongside this, we have invested heavily in our CMM capability.


Inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) has always been core to our business and we invest significantly in this area to ensure we have an unrivalled capability with regards to qualified staff and state of the art equipment, thus ensure delivery of our products is at a world quality level.

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