Our customers include some of the most prestigious defence companies in the world. They have directly benefitted from innovative services and solutions that we have provided as can be seen from the below project case studies and testimonials.

We have extensive experience in supplying innovative, bespoke solutions and services to the defence industry. We have the required facility to undertake sensitive MOD work, with secure areas in design, documentation, engineering and manufacturing, with access restricted to employees who are security cleared.

Due to the highly classified nature of this part of Goodwin's business, many of the projects that we undertake we are unable to show photographic or written descriptions of product or contract type.

Goodwin currently supplies primary circuit components to BAE Systems for the Royal Navy's Astute Class, via Rolls-Royce Submarines. Goodwin is also engaged heavily with the development program for the Next Generation UK Nuclear Submarine program.

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Defence Case Studies

  • Cavendish Nuclear
    Cavendish Nuclear contracted Goodwin International to supply major prototype items of plant and equipment for use in one of its customer's main process facility.
  • Rolls-Royce Submarines
    We have been recognised by Rolls-Royce as providing a proactive, customer-first service which consistently provides solutions as opposed to highlighting problems.
  • Rolls-Royce Marine
    Tasked with the manufacture of a variety of components for Rolls-Royce Marine’s MT30 engine, the world’s most powerful marine gas turbine engine at sea.

Our Advantages

  • Secure Facility

    Self-contained government approved secure facility – We have secure areas in design, documentation, engineering and manufacturing, with access restricted to security cleared personnel only.

  • Security cleared staff

    Security cleared staff across the organisation – In excess of 160 security cleared staff covering a multitude of disciplines.

  • Versatile Capabilities

    A portfolio of capabilities to service all area of the defence industry – We have flexibility to provide innovative solutions for land, sea and air applications.



"The manufacturing control and standard of quality documentation has been impressive and was achieved with very little intervention of management effort by AWE. In comparison to other QC1 rated organisations who have been engaged directly or indirectly by AWE, GI stand head and shoulders above them in terms of their understanding of QA processes, implementation of these processes and delivery of both product and documentation that meet the highest standards"
George Maciver
Project Manager

Rolls Royce

"The engagement between our respective engineering teams in appraising manufacturing feasibility of some complex and critical items has demonstrated a level of innovative improvement for new components that has led to the removal of thousands of hours of artisan work into fully repeatable machined operations… There is no doubt that Goodwin’s state-of-the-art methods, using laser measurement, modelling and verification prior to machining have delivered tangible benefit to the business”
Steve Carlier
Director, Operations