"We have state of the art testing capabilities which allow us to carry out a wide range of highly specialised testing" 

We have an extensive range of equipment available for material verification and component performance and measurement. All of our processes are managed through a comprehensive library of procedures that allow for accurate and fluid inspection and testing processes.

We demonstrate full traceability of our materials and processes, providing detailed quality reports tailored and specific to our client’s projects. Inspection is undertaken throughout the stages of manufacture to ensure that we not only meet the requirements stipulated to us for a given project but in fact exceed them.

With our laser measurement and scanning technology, coupled with one of the largest CMM capabilities in the UK as well as conventional measurement techniques, we are able to ensure components are manufactured to the highest possible standards demanded by our customers. We also have an array of portable CMM measuring equipment to carry out more in-depth verification of components during the manufacturing process.

Goodwin employs over twenty Level II and Level III ASNT and PCN qualified personnel to carry out testing such as radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and dye penetrant inspection. Our testing engineers receive continuous training to maintain our testing capability.

Our testing facilities are supported by Suitably Qualified Experienced Personnel (SQEP) that also develop, implement and improve upon industry test criteria.



  • CMM Capability

    The DEA Hexagon Alpha Image 25.50.15 is one of the largest available CMM capabilities in the UK. It has the ability to measure components up to 5m x 3m x 2m (x, y, z) and up to 35,000kg. Portable CMM measuring and gauging can also be undertaken using any of three Faro Gage Arms allowing inspection to take place during manufacture.

  • Fine Detail Verification

    The Shadowgraph JT12AB is an effective measuring device which allows fast precision profile measurement of any complex detail of components.

  • Positive Material Identification

    The NITON XL2 portable X-ray fluorescence analyser provides immediate non-destructive analysis of alloy material for both verification and product quality assurance and control purposes.

  • Industrial Radiography

    Two linear accelerators that operating in two separate bays one of which is below ground level and has a 70 tonne lifting capacity with a 30 tonne revolving table. The dual voltage linear accelerator (6/9 MeV) is crane mounted with 360˚ rotation and 45˚ tilt at 4 metres height. Thickness ranges from 40mm up to 350mm with excellent results throughout. Goodwin employs a number of radiographers with qualifications including both PCN and ASNT.

Key Staff

Alan Bentley
Alan Bentley

Alan joined the company in 1989 and serves as Quality Control Director, ensuring that all products are fit for purpose and consistently meet external and internal requirements, including legal compliance and customer specifications. Alan’s role includes leading the QC team and working collaboratively with all departments, including third parties, ensuring that the quality control systems are consistently being adopted and standards achieved. Alan has an extensive breadth of industry experience including civil nuclear, defence and petrochemical and is a well respected member and contributor to the team.

Mark Woolmer
Mark Woolmer

Mark took up the role as QC Manager with the company in 2014 bringing a wealth of experience with him. His day to day responsibilities include the effective implementation of QC processes and procedures to ensure that the company produces and delivers world leading products. This includes making sure that we are at the forefront of all new technology. Mark also has a great enthusiasm for developing the QC team.