"Each client’s project presents a unique set of conditions and complexities, requiring rigorous safety, regulatory compliance and robust solutions" 

In addition to utilising internal resources, installation activities are also provided by through strategic partners, managed and supervised by us. This partnership approach ensures that our customers’ experience a streamlined and cohesive service which in turn allows us to support installation and commissioning activities across a full range of services.

All commissioning engineers and technicians are fully conversant working within the confines of industry codes and best practice. Our strategic partners have the knowledge and experience to take on any control panel or programming contract required by our customers; this includes completely bespoke control centres with automated PLC control and robotic integration.

We endeavour to actively engage with workforces based within the locality of project execution which reduces indirect working costs and ensures that the socio-economic impact of each project directly benefits the local economy.



  • Rockwell Automation

    Rockwell Allen-Bradley is a leading brand in the electro-mechanical automation industry with a sound reputation for performance and accuracy. Allen-Bradley’s logic controllers are used in a number of systems which are designed and developed in-house for applications for automated systems.

  • Mitsubishi Fx and iQ Series

    Melsec logic controllers are widely used globally within our group of companies for applications such as production line automation and product testing systems. All systems are developed, implemented and maintained by engineers at Goodwin International Ltd who are highly experienced in the range of Mitsubishi automation products.

  • HMI and SCADA Systems

    Supervisory control and data acquisition systems are developed in-house by our experienced engineers and utilise PLC projects using both Rockwell and Melsec software. These SCADA systems used in safety critical applications and data-critical applications such as the systems used for testing products.

  • Information Systems Integration

    Our IT development team is capable of integrating information systems into electromechanical applications. Such integration has allowed our production automation systems to communicate with ERP and CRM systems; this provides seamless data communication using SQL and network protocols such as Telnet. Our systems have been developed to automate data analytics and management report generation straight from the production line.

Key Staff

Andrew Chapman
Andrew Chapman

Since joining the company, Andrew has overseen numerous automation projects within our engineering division. His core responsibilities include identifying and managing EC&I components, ensuring that quality, programming and cost across the engineering lifecycle are balanced. Andrew participates in all phases of design including definition, support analysis, equipment selection, specification, design development and substantiation.

Mithila Wanasinghe
Mithila Wanasinghe

After graduating with a first class BSc in IT, Mithila joined the company in 2012. Having taken the initiative to automate a number of time consuming work flows Mithila has implemented a number of streamlining systems. His skills in mechatronics, information systems development, system integration, PLC programming, SCADA development and IT & network infrastructure have been exercised through the creation of robotic, PLC and various other automated systems across the Goodwin group of companies.