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We have provided meaningful and sustainable employment to the people of Stoke-on-Trent since 1883 and now also provide real financial investment into the regeneration of local community projects.

Through our work experience scheme we collaborate with local schools and colleges, delivering education and training for young people. A key element of our strategy is to provide our community with sustainable socio-economic benefits. This has never been more important since Stoke-on-Trent is now recognised by the UK government as one of the most deprived areas of England.

As a successful and long standing business, we provide an ideal platform from which to create sustainable demand for local skills, employment and supply chain development. We understand that we are a large manufacturing facility and therefore mitigate the most adverse consequences of our activities.

To us, socio-economics is about providing meaningful employment, providing financial investment in the future of our workforce, providing support and innovation to local Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and providing support to community activities. We feel that each of these initiatives helps our local community to thrive.

As a successful, long standing business, we provide an ideal platform from which to create sustainable demand for local skills, employment and supply chain development.

Goodwin International has a socio-economic strategy which has three key themes that support our business and local area:

  • Community
  • Skills
  • Growth

We have set a number of objectives which we strive to achieve each year:
1. Employment% recruited living locally (within 20 mile radius)Maintain at 85% or better
2. Education, skills and trainingNo. of work experience placements No. of apprentices5 placements per annum Minimum 5% of workforce
3. Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)% SME spend % of SMEs used within 20 mile radius10% spend with SMEs per annum 80% target
4. Community InvestmentValue committed to community projects Community projects engaged in£30,000 per annum 2 projects per annum

Social & Community Case Studies

Blurton Children's Centre

The centre is located less than two miles from our main site in Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent. The facility is a council-run project which provides support and services for families with children under the age of 5. We completed a regeneration project for the centre in July 2016 which saw over 30 of our staff volunteer to improve the centre’s outdoor facilities.

Goodwin Training Centre

There is currently a significant skills shortage of high quality engineers, not only in Stoke-on-Trent, but in the whole of the UK. Goodwin offers a sustainable employment opportunity and has created a purpose built training facility that is now a centre of excellence for our engineering apprentices. This opportunity has seen 95% of our apprentices stay on to build successful careers with the company.

Douglas Macmillan Hospice

The ‘Dougie Mac’ is a charity that has directly impacted on the lives of many local people including many of our own employees. The hospice offers specialised care for people who face a life-limiting illness when a cure is no longer possible. Since 2014, we have donated the Christmas tree for the hospice’s ‘Light up a Life’ campaign which has so far helped them to raise an additional £540,000 towards their running costs.

Community Repaint Centre

Working collaboratively with not-for-profit organisations is something that we feel is fundamental to the growth of the local community and offers sustainable opportunities for local people. In March 2017, we carried out a project in the heart of Stoke town centre, just four miles from our site. The project was to refurbish a facility for the Community RePaint scheme which collects unwanted, surplus and leftover paint, diverting it from the waste stream and redistributing it to individuals, families and community projects in social need.

  • Isolation Valve
  • Control Valve

The product range offered by Goodwin has now been extended to include a selection of high performance Axial Isolation and Control Valves.

Several years of Research, Design and Testing has been carried out to bring these products to market, with international patents pending for innovative design features.

Axial Isolation & Control Valves are used in highly demanding applications where tight shut off, high reliability, fast opening / closing and precise control are desired. Goodwin Axial Isolation & Control Valves represent a highly effective and cost efficient alternative to current designs available to the market.

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Manual Valves

Dual Plate Check Valves

  • Type BR- Wafer
  • Type BFR – Flanged
  • Type BSR – Solid Lug
  • Type BWR – Buttweld End
  • Type BWA – Buttweld End (Top Bonnet Access)
  • Type BH – Hub Ended

Axial Control & Isolation Valves

  • Axial Isolation
  • Axial Control

Axial Check Valves

  • Type ZB – Single Spring Solid Disk
  • Type NB – Multi Spring Ring Disk (Standard Long Face-To-Face)
  • Type NZ – Single Spring Ring Disk (Hybrid)(Standard Long Face-To-Face)
  • Type ZD – Single Spring Solid Disk
  • Type NK – Multi Spring Ring Disk (Short Face-To-Face)
  • Type NC – Single Spring Ring Disk (Hybrid) (Short Face-To-Face)
  • Type ND – Multi Spring Ring Disk (API 6d Face-To-Face Dimensions)
  • Type NA – Single Sprint Ring Disk (Hybrid) (API 6d Face-To-Face Dimensions)