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Our smaller machine capability mirrors our large milling and turning capabilities, with the back up and support that some organisations can only aspire to.

Our milling capability includes multi-axis machines, machining centre programmes, CAD/CAM program proving technology and live tooling. Our extensive plant list includes numerous CNC centre lathes, complementing our heavy precision machining.

This allows us to supply a full package of work from very large critical components to medium and small complex components.


Machine configuration works to minimise the use of fixtures, tools, handling and non-cut time

Provide outstanding part accuracies, surface finishes and process reliability

Turning, milling, threading screw cutting capabilities

4-axis and 5-axis capable machining centres

Maximum turning length up to 5 metres


Shafts, tubes and pipework

Valve bodies and internals

Shafts and tubes

High tolerance pipework

Centre Lathe Capability

  • Isolation Valve
  • Control Valve

The product range offered by Goodwin has now been extended to include a selection of high performance Axial Isolation and Control Valves.

Several years of Research, Design and Testing has been carried out to bring these products to market, with international patents pending for innovative design features.

Axial Isolation & Control Valves are used in highly demanding applications where tight shut off, high reliability, fast opening / closing and precise control are desired. Goodwin Axial Isolation & Control Valves represent a highly effective and cost efficient alternative to current designs available to the market.

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Manual Valves

Dual Plate Check Valves

  • Type BR- Wafer
  • Type BFR – Flanged
  • Type BSR – Solid Lug
  • Type BWR – Buttweld End
  • Type BWA – Buttweld End (Top Bonnet Access)
  • Type BH – Hub Ended

Axial Control & Isolation Valves

  • Axial Isolation
  • Axial Control

Axial Check Valves

  • Type ZB – Single Spring Solid Disk
  • Type NB – Multi Spring Ring Disk (Standard Long Face-To-Face)
  • Type NZ – Single Spring Ring Disk (Hybrid)(Standard Long Face-To-Face)
  • Type ZD – Single Spring Solid Disk
  • Type NK – Multi Spring Ring Disk (Short Face-To-Face)
  • Type NC – Single Spring Ring Disk (Hybrid) (Short Face-To-Face)
  • Type ND – Multi Spring Ring Disk (API 6d Face-To-Face Dimensions)
  • Type NA – Single Sprint Ring Disk (Hybrid) (API 6d Face-To-Face Dimensions)