We pride ourselves on our experienced workforce, employing only the best machinists, programmers and manufacturing engineers in the industry

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Our world class manufacturing facility, coupled with our unique capability set enables us to deliver components for a variety of projects which provides our clients with an extensive range of experience and capability in manufacturing largescale components and associated assemblies of a demanding technical nature to a high quality level.

We manufacture from our facility located in the heart of Staffordshire. Our facility allows us to manufacture components for a wide range of sectors including the nuclear, defence, oil & gas, power generation, aerospace and renewable industries. Goodwin International have 41 Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines on site, which range in size and manufacturing capability. This gives us capacity time in excess of 250,000 hours per year.

We manufacture and supply a multitude of components, from primary circuit reactor components standing 4 metres in height and 5.5 metres in diameter, to machined and welded assemblies up to 100,000kg. Our wealth of experience is just based around huge components; we also manufacture small speciality items such as non-return valves with a diameter of 105mm, weighing just 3kg.

We pride ourselves on our experienced workforce, employing only the best machinists, programmers and manufacturing engineers in the industry.

Our facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are here to provide critical support for our client’s projects, using our facilities and experience to deliver our continued excellence both now and in the future.

We actively encourage our clients to visit our site; to come and witness first-hand the reinvestment we continue to make into our business. We are consistent in our approach to staff training, procuring the most technologically advanced machinery and creating opportunities by truly excelling.


Seiki - Resource Management

A proprietary advanced manufacturing, capacity management and production planning tool that delivers customer satisfaction through accurate and transparent plans. Each activity associated with the manufacturing process of a component is broken down into individual operations. We then utilise Seiki to appropriately allocate time and resources for each project. Embedded within this system are all CNC machines, shop floor calendars, scheduled maintenance plans, operator shift patterns and booked holidays which are plotted against the live status of our existing order book. This allows for effective utilisation of our assets through scenario planning, capacity management and effective decision making.

Siemens NX

Goodwin International makes great use of this advanced software which is used for special projects. This enables our programmers to fully simulate the machining process from condition of supply to the finish machined items. Our programmers input geometrical information on to the models which then produce the customers required component. This enables any high risk features to be identified prior to machining.


Used by our programmers for general engineering and valve components, this software allows the programmers to implement basic geometries onto 3D models issued by our highly experienced design team. Using this software reduces many risk factors from the operations that the component will undertake during machining.

Key Staff

Nigel Brown

Nigel joined us in 1982 and now serves as the company’s Works Director having worked for many years within the machine shop. He has extensive knowledge in a variety of industry sectors including petrochemical, civil nuclear and defence. He has a distinct passion for engineering which allows him to work collaboratively with a variety of departments on a daily basis, providing technical advice and intervention where required. Nigel is able to offer support to large scale and complex projects, ensuring that all operational activities run as planned, on time, every time.

Darren Edwards

Darren serves as Production Director, having started his apprenticeship with the company in 1987. Darren’s role involves working collaboratively with other departments, planning and coordinating the control of the manufacturing process, organising labour, adjusting schedules as required and assessing and developing CNC programming requirements for assigned large scale and complex projects. He does all of this whilst applying the latest techniques and methods of optimisation.

Simon Ault

Simon joined the company in 2003 as an NC Programmer. Throughout the company’s expansion and diversification, Simon has led and developed the programming department in line with business requirements. Overseeing investment and development in state of the art tooling solutions, world class CAD/CAM software capabilities, highly customised post processors and full machine 3D simulation and NC verification software, Simon has been instrumental in the transformation of the department’s capabilities. He also heads the company’s ‘secure’ programming team for special projects.

More Services ...

  • Isolation Valve
  • Control Valve

The product range offered by Goodwin has now been extended to include a selection of high performance Axial Isolation and Control Valves.

Several years of Research, Design and Testing has been carried out to bring these products to market, with international patents pending for innovative design features.

Axial Isolation & Control Valves are used in highly demanding applications where tight shut off, high reliability, fast opening / closing and precise control are desired. Goodwin Axial Isolation & Control Valves represent a highly effective and cost efficient alternative to current designs available to the market.

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Manual Valves

Dual Plate Check Valves

  • Type BR- Wafer
  • Type BFR – Flanged
  • Type BSR – Solid Lug
  • Type BWR – Buttweld End
  • Type BWA – Buttweld End (Top Bonnet Access)
  • Type BH – Hub Ended

Axial Control & Isolation Valves

  • Axial Isolation
  • Axial Control

Axial Check Valves

  • Type ZB – Single Spring Solid Disk
  • Type NB – Multi Spring Ring Disk (Standard Long Face-To-Face)
  • Type NZ – Single Spring Ring Disk (Hybrid)(Standard Long Face-To-Face)
  • Type ZD – Single Spring Solid Disk
  • Type NK – Multi Spring Ring Disk (Short Face-To-Face)
  • Type NC – Single Spring Ring Disk (Hybrid) (Short Face-To-Face)
  • Type ND – Multi Spring Ring Disk (API 6d Face-To-Face Dimensions)
  • Type NA – Single Sprint Ring Disk (Hybrid) (API 6d Face-To-Face Dimensions)