Gender Pay Report 2022

Goodwin International Limited

Senior Statement

The Board considers that the figures presented in the Gender Pay Gap Report and the Gender Bonus Gap Report are a accurate reflection of the pay differences between relevant men and women employed by the Group/Goodwin International Ltd during the relevant period as required by The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. This report was approved by the Board on 31st March 2023 and is signed on its behalf by: M S Goodwin

Difference in mean pay during pay period between male /female relevant employees -1.8%
Difference in median pay during pay period between male /female relevant employees -0.3%

Number of male/female relevant employees
Quartile MEN WOMEN
Upper (75-100%) 78.9% 21.1%
Upper Middle (50-75%) 94.4% 5.6%
Lower middle (25-50%) 84.5% 15.5%
Lower (0 – 25%) 88.7% 11.3%

Gender Bonus Gap Report

Difference in mean bonus pay received 12 months before 5th April between male/female relevant employees -9.9%
Difference in median bonus pay received 12 months before 5th April between male/female relevant employees -51.0%

Proportion of male/female relevant employees who received a bonus 12 months before 5th April 89.8% 88.9%

Contextual Information (voluntary) – Analysis and interpretation of reports and explanation for differences

The Gender Pay Gap report shows that the difference in median pay between men and women is -0.2% (2021: -16.8%) and the difference in mean pay is lower at -1.8% (2021: -0.2%). Although the percentage of relevant males working on the snapshot date is 86.6% (2021: 88.3%) compared to 13.4% (2020: 12%) of relevant females remains similar to last year, there was a decrease of -26% (2021: -1%) for males and -an increase 3% (2021: -16%) for females that for reporting purposes met the criteria of a “relevant employee”.

The high male to female ratio is a direct result of working within the engineering sector which is historically male orientated and, although the Company is championing female apprentices to fill future engineering and management roles, the take up by females is still disappointingly low as is the talent pool for experienced female applicants. However, the Company continues to focus on increasing the recruitment of female employees. The report has been based on the number of contracted hours worked but it should be noted that Managers and Directors work longer hours than this which is not included in this analysis.

Such commitment is therefore reflected in their salaries whereas hourly paid employees are paid for all overtime worked above their contracted hours which is not reflected in the report. The Gender Bonus Gap report is similar to 2021 and 2020 in that it shows that the mean bonus pay calculations are slightly in favour of men whereas the median bonus pay calculations are more favourable for female relevant employees. In 2019, and 2018 both the mean and medium bonus pay calculations were more favourable towards male relevant employees. This is a feature of the higher percentage of male relevant employees.

Actuated Valves

  • Isolation Valve
  • Control Valve

The product range offered by Goodwin has now been extended to include a selection of high performance Axial Isolation and Control Valves.

Several years of Research, Design and Testing has been carried out to bring these products to market, with international patents pending for innovative design features.

Axial Isolation & Control Valves are used in highly demanding applications where tight shut off, high reliability, fast opening / closing and precise control are desired. Goodwin Axial Isolation & Control Valves represent a highly effective and cost efficient alternative to current designs available to the market.

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Manual Valves

Dual Plate Check Valves

  • Type BR- Wafer
  • Type BFR – Flanged
  • Type BSR – Solid Lug
  • Type BWR – Buttweld End
  • Type BWA – Buttweld End (Top Bonnet Access)
  • Type BH – Hub Ended

Axial Control & Isolation Valves

  • Axial Isolation
  • Axial Control

Axial Check Valves

  • Type ZB – Single Spring Solid Disk
  • Type NB – Multi Spring Ring Disk (Standard Long Face-To-Face)
  • Type NZ – Single Spring Ring Disk (Hybrid)(Standard Long Face-To-Face)
  • Type ZD – Single Spring Solid Disk
  • Type NK – Multi Spring Ring Disk (Short Face-To-Face)
  • Type NC – Single Spring Ring Disk (Hybrid) (Short Face-To-Face)
  • Type ND – Multi Spring Ring Disk (API 6d Face-To-Face Dimensions)
  • Type NA – Single Sprint Ring Disk (Hybrid) (API 6d Face-To-Face Dimensions)