From oil & gas production platforms transported via LNG shipping to the refinery and then on to power production, Goodwin products can be found meeting and exceeding the highest quality and performance standards utilised by this ever changing and demanding industry.

Goodwin have supplied components for subsea, mooring systems, floating production, storage, offloading facilities (FPSO's), tensioned leg platforms (TLP's), semi-submersible platforms, and spar platforms. Due to the criticality of the component we supply, the manufacture is subject to thorough specification and quality requirements.

Petrochemical Case Studies

  • Shell
    Since 2010, Goodwin International has produced over £1.6 million worth of dual plate check valves for the Majnoon Oil Field project based in Iraq.
  • BP
    As a world leader for our design, manufacture and supply of dual plate and axial flow check valves for the world’s hydrocarbon, energy and process industries.

Our Advantages

  • Innovative design optimisation

    Our innovative design optimisation techniques allow us to create components that are fit for purpose, first time, every time.

  • Experience

    35 successful years of experience across the petrochemical industry – We have supplied components for subsea, mooring systems, floating production, storage, offloading facilities, tension leg platforms, semi-submersible platforms and spar platforms.

  • Improving Efficiency

    Our valves have proven improved flow efficiency – Through innovation and design optimisation we create valves that improve flow efficiency, reduce cost and streamline processes.



"Goodwin International [has been] selected as one of a number of strategic suppliers for a supply contract and is registered on the Shell Technically Approved Manufacture and Products List (TAMAP)… Goodwin International have, and continue to work with Shell on the basis of a long term supply relationship that offers Shell value for money, quality and reliable delivery performance and have been additionally recognised for their performance in the area of standardising documents to drive additional value and reduced costs” Andrew I. Laird
Enterprise Category Manager

DPCV Commendation
Inter Pipeline

"[Goodwin International’s] reputation precedes them in their flexibility and ability to work with end user clientele to fully understand the system design and meet the demands of the product application. They are upfront and honest about their ability to meet delivery deadlines and in service dates, whilst maintaining the highest standard of quality and reliability. Their core values of continuous improvement are evident in their work practices and business strategies as well as their responsiveness to requests and end user initiatives” Chris Hobbs
Inter Pipeline